Dubai Global Village

Global Village stands in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road of UAE. It showcases the amazing diverse culture and authentic traditions of different countries around the world to tourists by creating realistic model structures. As the first cultural and entertainment attraction with a family atmosphere and shopping facilities in the region, the place is said to be the biggest tourism project with malls and recreational centers, welcoming international travelers every year with specific events for more than two decades.

Over 5 million visitors, walk the spacious area of 17,200,000 sq ft every year, enjoying the different sections and magical paradise of cultural presentation that enhances knowledge about different countries' civilizations.

First, in January 1997, Global Village was actually a very small project consisted of several stalls, situated on the creekside, against the Dubai municipality. Then for 5 years, the set moved to the Oud Metha Area near Wafi City, but now, as an enormous complex, it stands on the exit of Sheikh Zayed (Exit 37).

This glamorous landmark, which entertains you with its attractions from the moment you arrive, is a combination of fun, culinary experiences, cultural education, and the joy of shopping. On Fridays, there are concerts by famous music icons, all sorts of food, dining halls, cafes and restaurants, and street food. So, all these aspects in one place, are making the global village more global.

What to Expect in Global Village?

This magnificent architectural marvel opens in one of the most pleasant times of the year in Dubai, in terms of climate, and invites you to attend a crowded and festive experience. So technically, most people plan their trip to Dubai around the time of this distinguished happening, make it a must to do visit for many travelers to join the celebrations and grandeur of this place and coming out of it with a great bargain both literally and metaphorically as you can buy different countries products and also your minds are blown filled with indescribable memories.

Unique fireworks at night that combine the glow of colorful lights with the cheers of the spectators, while considered to be exciting and eye-catching, are just a corner of the bright and shiny attractions of this amazing and wonderful place.

Besides, being an entertainment ground, this place includes many fun activities for kids and adults of all ages, like theater performances or various rides and games.

The satisfaction of the guests in the previous seasons has been 9 to 10 and it is expected to be even higher at incoming seasons.

Different Countries in Global Village Dubai

Global Village is an annual multinational joyful ceremony, exciting festival, mixed with shopping arenas, food, and leisure which in there every nation has a specific pavilion, introducing their uniqueness in the world with unlimited displays. Gathering in one place, endless well-known vendors offer a wide variety of products here, and if you think about it, the planning and coordination at this international level are indeed impressive.

You might wonder how many countries are represented at the Global Village? For the 2019-2020 season, 78 countries participated in the Global Village, categorized into 26 pavilions presenting their special customs, rituals, and culture through food stalls, shopping outlets, eateries, and various performances.

While there are almost 80 countries at the Global Village in Dubai, there are from different continents, with representation from Europe, America, Africa, MENA (the Middle East and North Africa), Far East, and South Asia.

MENA section with 10 pavilions, has the following countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, and Jordan.

The Far East has China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Europe pavilions, which always attract many visitors have Turkey, Bosnia & the Balkans, and the new section of Azerbaijan.

Egypt, Morocco, and a collective pavilion consist of 15 sub-Saharan African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mauritania, Angola, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Senegal, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, and Nigeria are representing Africa in this global village. There is a single pavilion for North, Central, and South America, and the South Asia pavilion is including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.

Every pavilion is featuring a country or region's significant monuments and sights with a distinguished exterior, and inside that, there is also a specific market area with native crafts and products, and classic artistic presentations.

Top Pavilions at Dubai Global Village

Now let’s take a look at some of the best pavilions in Global Village like a journey around the world on fast forward.

UAE:If youare looking to be amazed by United Arabic Emirate architecture and traditional culture, while the smell of incense burners is capturing your senses, just walk around in the realistic castle of UAE's pavilion.

Pakistan:Another sizeable bazaar with several booths offering fabrics, leather merchants, and accessories along with a taste of Pakistan's local life and cuisine.

India:With hundreds of stalls, the Indian pavilion is on the top of the list as well, managing shopping exhibitions, selling fantastic Indian merchandise such as silk, cotton, chiffon fabrics, or handicrafts like handbags, wallets leather sandals, jewelry, clothes, and accessories. hand-woven Indian carpet is also a very expensive and valuable product here made of natural silk and fleece.

Yemen: Old bazaars with prominent commodities of this nation like spice, traditional dresses, and famous Yemen’s dagger made of vintage silver decorated with precious stones are the highlights of this pavilion.

Iran:Just experience ancient Persia, a very great civilization, and its powerful empire by stepping inside Iran’s pavilion. Iranian culture and heritage are intricate and rich, with amazing products like Persian carpets, saffron, dry fruits, and, delicious Persian cuisine.

Iraq: This pavilion has wonderful products such as silverware and paintings. There are always celebrated craftsmen around to show their art of pottery, making glasses, embroidery, or knitting. 

Africa:As mentioned earlier, African countries are representing their culture and customs especially by hand-carved items with detailed designs made of excellent wood like mahogany, soapstone, and ebony.

China:What China, with a population of 1.5 billion, is most offering in this fair, are bright and shiny pearls in various colors and shapes farmed in ponds and being used in ladies' accessories. Plus, folk and epics shows, represents the rich culture of Chinese people.

Egypt: Another huge pavilion with a lot of exhibitors which you can buy all kinds of crafts, antiquities, Egyptian traditional dresses (Jalabiyia) and copper utensils there, besides, chandeliers and furniture with Egyptian-Ottoman designs are at the display for enthusiastic buyers.

Oman:Another Arabic country presented in a form of a pavilion with a rich culture, fantastic cuisine, souvenirs, old and fashionable products.

When to Visit Global Village Dubai

The best time to visit Global Village depends on your priorities. So, for fireworks, you should choose Thursday and Friday and for a delightful family gathering at the park, Monday is the best day of the week for you. 

How to Get There

There are 3 options for travelers to get to the global village straight from the Airport. The first option is to use the subway (red line to First Gulf bank) and then take a taxi, which takes about 50 minutes to reach there.

Another option is to use the combination of Metro (red line to reach Rashidiya) and bus (from the metro bus stop to the blue tower) and finally take a taxi there.

Visitors also have the option of driving 28 km there with their personal cars.

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