5 Best Water Parks in The UAE

As a perfectly-known fact, a lot of the best water parks in the world are stand in the United Arab Emirates. The most amazing amusement parks, with excellent and wonderful facilities, games, and entertaining areas with water themes are like uninterrupted happiness capsules made in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other cities of the Arab paradise. Playgrounds with lots of thrilling games and activities where the sound of cheer, screams, and turbulence of water can be heard every moment. Scenes of children sliding down long and exciting water tunnels in these water parks are common, but these places are not created only for kids, and a lot of projects are made for adults' pleasure as well. So in that regard, whether you’re learning how to surf, slipping down endless and labyrinthine water slides, or even watching sharks or petting playful sea lions, feeling the cool caress of water in the annoying summer heat on your skin is the most pleasure of all time. You can find plenty of water parks all around the UAE. Some of them are famous and world-renown, while others you might not have heard of but still enjoyable and a good playground for spending a great time. Here are some of the best-recommended water parks in UAE:

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi water park is located in the Jumeirah area, overlooks the majestic Burj al Arab, the third tallest hotel in the world, and near the Jumeirah beach hotel in Dubai. This massive outdoor water-themed pleasure ground is one of the most equipped and best water parks in the UAE and the world, has been created based on the tales of Juha, a beloved character from the Arab Folklore. The advanced and modern equipment of this park includes multiple water-slides, a heated/cooled wave pool, and 2 artificial surfing machines. One of the attractions of this park is the 18-m (59-feet) waterfall, whose powerful fountain lights up every 10 minutes. After having a blessed day in the park experiencing different exciting games and activities, 3 restaurants, 2 fast-food stands, and 2 gift shops are available for your convenience.

Famous Rides of Wild Wadi Water Park

This park has 3 pools and 30 rides, with attractions enjoyable and unforgettable for the whole family, and offers amazing rides. Here are some of the most exciting rides with specific names that would blow your mind:

Jumeirah Sceirah: This ride is the reason many attend Wild Wadi water park because after climbing a 32-m high tower and watching the extraordinary view, you go down a whirlwind slide, thus the most breathtaking and also the longest and fastest fall experience outside the US awaits you.

Master Blaster: One of the fastest jet aquatic roller coasters, which throws you 15-m high up in the air and has different types like Falaj Fury, Jebel Lookout, and Falcon Fury.

Burj Surj: Two spiraling downhill water slides that take you into a bowl-shaped capsule and eventually finish the ride with you landing in a small private pool.

Yas WaterWorld

Yas Waterworld with 40 unique rides and slides and 5 other recreational activities is known as one of the 12 leading water parks in the world. In this spectacular water land, aquatic games are placed not only for the youngsters, but also exciting, scary, and crazy rides are created for the older ones, so everybody can enjoy a perfect vacation day in this establishment.

Unprecedented Rides of Yas Waterworld

At Yas Waterworld, you would notice several record-breaking rides:

Dawwama: The first tornado water slide in the world that works with hydromagnetic power. The passionate excited screams mixed with the sound of water splash are expected here.

Bubble’s Barrel: This ride is actually the largest surfable sheet wave in the world.

Jebel Dana: The sheer slope of this ride, which is unique in the region, and create Adrenaline rush moments will amaze you.

The Bandit Bomber: Suffice it to say that you will ride the longest suspended roller coast in the region. Wave Pools, The Legend of the Lost Park, Liwa Loop, Yadi Yas, and Lazy River are other options for playing or relaxing and unwinding in a splendid adventurous day.

This famed water park also has restaurants, cafes, lockers, children's playgrounds, and other similar facilities.

Splash N Party

Splash, located in Jumeirah, Dubai is a very exciting and fun water park, especially for children, and it is often considered as a playground for youngsters while their parents are around with the pleasure of watching their constant laugh and infinite excitement. Although there is also entertainment for adults and has designed to cater to the entire family, most children aged 2 to 10 come here and it is a great place for carnivals, birthday parties and all kinds of celebrations for children, mostly when you need a big venue and have a huge crowd. Play equipment, games, rides, and slides of this water park are largely intended for children. They have considered safety matters, therefore joyful kids full of energy can run freely in different parts of the park, without worrisome and with complete safety, and have a fun and blessed day in this water land.

Atlantis Aquaventure

Atlantis Aquaventure is one of the largest, most famous recreational-water complexes in Dubai, located in Atlantis, the Palm. And like similar places, it has pools, swimming pools, exciting and energetic rides, shoots, and flumes. Neptune and Poseidon towers are two adventurous, and adrenaline skyrocketing rides built in this water park. Numerous restaurants, stores, and gift shops, canopies and cabanas, create a spectacular, relaxing yet fun place for you. longest Lazy River in the region with 2.8 Km including the wild river rapids, private bach for guests, and other exhilarating activities such as Shark Safari, as in swimming with sharks or feeding the stingrays, zip-lining over the park with strict weight, height, and health restrictions.

Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park Rides

World-renowned rides with scary and dramatic names will open your eyes to a fantastic universe of up and downs, with a taste of clear but stormy waters over your skin, in steep spiral slides. The name of the most favored ones including:

The Aquaconda: Basically the world's largest waterslide, with a lot of twists and turns in dark tunnels, and you finally land in the world's biggest fiberglass tube!

The Shark Attack Slide: As the name implies, you pass through a slide tunnel inside the lagoon of scary sharks.

The Leap of Faith: one of the scariest, and steepest rides in the world with a height of 27.5 m.

The Surge Ride: Proper to fall a full 360 degrees, over an aquic horrifying roller coaster with several tunnels, turns, and up and down with darkness at times. This ride takes you on an epic water-coaster ride via numerous turns, tunnels which propel you to a full 360 degrees, not only are these adrenaline-filled and scary but also in the complete darkness at times which just makes it a whole lot interesting.

The Stinger: A very unusual ride, different from everything else you have ever seen, considering you go upwards instead of downwards.

Laguna, La Mer

Laguna located on a family and intimate beach in La Mer is one of the newest water parks built in Dubai, which is divided into four distinct recreational zones, each with completely distinctive features. These four areas are named “relax”, “surf”, “slide” and “splash”, and each of them provides services to customers based on their name. WaveOz 180 FlowRider, a man-made surfing experience created by machines in a spacious area is the most famous ride in this water park and is the first ride of its kind and only 3 of them have been built in the world. Free Fall, the Lazy River, rides for kids and even toddlers, the giant Manta, and a raft ride are other wonderful activities placed here among other attractions. With modern and up-to-date facilities exciting adventurous rides, safety measures, and a delightful atmosphere, many consider this family-friendly outdoor complex, among the best water parks in Dubai.

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