Amazing Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah is actually a man-made archipelago in Dubai, UAE, which started through land reclamation to develop soil in The Gulf. The project is part of a larger plan called the Palm Islands, including Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, which once completed, will increase Dubai’s shoreline to a total of 520 km (320 miles). Palm Jumeirah is one of the most amazing construction projects launched in Dubai and is often referred to as the eighth world wonder and the most beautiful tourist areas in the world. Here we are going to review the history of this enchanting man-made island, its construction stages, features, and other exceptional facilities for tourists. With big modern shopping malls, recreation areas, hotels and palaces, and many diverse and impressive tourist attractions, luxury resorts, and attractive beaches, the Palm Jumeirah have always been the most visited tourist destination for wealthy guests and travelers around the world. It should be noted that 5 million tourists visit this place annually and it has become one of the Dubai area full of visitors from all over the world, and if the development process continues in this way, this number will reach 15 million.

Palm Jumeirah Project

To understand why the Palm Jumeirah project was launched in the first place, we need to go back to the time before they were built. The coastal area of Dubai, despite its many facilities and extraordinary natural attractions, faced a major problem, which in fact implemented the idea of designing palm islands. The issue was that Dubai had only 72 kilometers of coastline, and to solve this problem, the Palm Jumeirah project was launched in June 2001, and the completion of this magnificent design 10 years later surprised the whole world. When you look at it from above, you will be amazed by the wondrous scheme of the island, which protrudes like palm branches through the azure waters of The Gulf. In the past, only a warm and shallow bay was on the Dubai coastline. Further on a property developer called “Nakheel” based in Dubai started land reclamation of about 100 million square meters from the ocean using modern engineering equipment, GPS with impeccable precision to build a palm-shaped island with 17 branches. For the safety of this special architectural structure, 7 million tons of rock were piled up around the island as crescent-shaped breakwaters of more than 11 km in length to protect it from violent waves and storms. Palm Jumeirah, built by two Dutch companies (Van Oord and Boskalis), had an estimated population of 10,500 in 2016 and it’s Construction as the first and smallest of the Palm Islands, took longer than the companies had anticipated and planned, but today it houses a wide range of luxury shopping malls and hotels for tourists and visitors. One of the first things that attract you the most is the shape and especially the large size of the island. This gigantic archipelago can be seen from space and its outer protective crescent is more than 10 miles long. There is also a large distance between hotels, which makes walking difficult. However, do not worry because there are many cheap taxis all over the island and you can also use the monorail. The Palm Jumeirah monorail is 4-5 km (3.4 miles) long and connects the Atlantis Hotel to the Gateway Towers at the end of the island. The monorail connects the island to the mainland and is expected to expand to the Dubai Metro red line. Construction of the monorail began on April 30, 2009. In addition to the first Middle East monorail to be built along the island, there is a six-submarine tunnel that connects the island with the breakwater beaches and is an extremely luxurious and unique area to visit in Dubai. Palm Jumeirah, a paradise for travel and entertainment, is one of the most daring and unique engineering structures and human experiences. The island, built in the shape of a palm tree with its branches open on both sides, has a lot of entertainment such as water parks and wildlife, luxury villas and hotels, and beach clubs.

Atlantis, The Palm, Shining Jewelry of The Palm Jumeirah

“Atlantis, the Palm” a five-star hotel in the Palm Jumeirah, is well recognized for easy access to “Aquaventure waterpark”, “The lost chambers aquarium”. Besides staying in the greatest hotel of all time, which looks like an unbelievable modern mansion with perfect facilities and wonderful hospitalities, you can expect many entertaining activities in this enormous establishment like yacht rides, helicopter tours, and ShuiQi Spa. You will not find a helicopter tour like this anywhere. And this way you will be able to see all the exceptional attractions of Dubai from above. Imagine, a helicopter ride over Dubai's towers and skyscrapers, spectacular views across the island in a 25-minute helicopter flight through the azure sky, and watching everything that can be seen from above. Plus, near water adventures as in “Aquarium dives” at the lost chambers aquarium, swimming with dolphins, and playing with sea lions can be pretty exciting. Think about it, visiting the Lost Chambers Aquarium and diving into the lagoons inhabited by tens of thousands of marine animals, home to 14 different species of sharks and rays.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Palm Jumeirah

Freefall over the Palm Jumeirah can be the ultimate endeavor for you to create thrilling joy. If you parachute down from a plane flying over Palm Jumeirah, you will experience an unimaginable adrenaline rush. Skydiving at the premium Palm Dropzone, reaching speeds of up to 120 mph, with absolutely different views of the island, the Dubai Marina, and the turquoise waters of The Gulf. A splash tour is another activity that is offered to you while staying on the island. Exciting ride, pulse-racing, 90-minute speedboat ride starting from Dubai Marina which tourists can cruise around Palm Jumeirah and take a souvenir photo. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of speedboats and you are looking for a less-breathtaking activity in your vacation, with a taste of sportsmanship and mild excitement you can go kayaking in the calm waters of Palm Jumeirah. Join a guided kayak tour and pedal around the crescent to explore attractions such as Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa. Stand-Up paddleboarding session including yoga and Pilates classes are other great adventures suggested for travelers exploring the Palm Jumeirah.

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