Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek, also called Khor Dubai, located in the heart of the megacity, separates two major districts and has played a vital role in turning Dubai into the modern and major city that we are witnessing today. Although the creek is essentially a saltwater inlet, it has become an important commercial-residential center over the years. Not to mention a very outstanding tourist destination. Just imagine standing on the starting point of a very unique civilization that gives identity and originality to all the magnificent buildings, souks, traditional trade hubs, museums, restaurants, and entertainment sets around it, and makes them more powerful and glorious as ever. This strategic creek is 14 Km or 8.7 miles long from its base at the ocean, with a very wide width which welcomes large-sized vessels, ships, and launches (open motorboats) between the eastern and western areas of Dubai for trade and transportation. The place also has a convenient location and there is a 15 minutes’ drive from Dubai international airport. Besides, Dubai Creek Harbour, as one of the best attractions of Dubai, is situated in the Ras Al Khor area, the place is connected with the main Ras Al Khor Road, just opposite to Al Jaddaf area of Bur Dubai. While Dubai Creek is actually a natural waterfront, not being man-made, the place has been extended significantly since the early days, especially in 1955, turning this the narrow-limited flow into a game-changing waterway for transportation and trade operations, big enough to accommodate the largest vessels from the Gulf.

Dubai Creek History

Historically, Dubai creek has been between Deira and Bur Dubai, ending at the Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary. After the extension of the creek into the Dubai water canal, Business Bay and Jumeirah became other destinations of its water. The booming commercial wonder once was an undeveloped neighborhood with old-style buildings, a rural vibe with traditional wooden dhows coming and going, and the cycle of life just turned a corner once more, when the real value of the creek unveiled. As the first major port in UAE, Dubai Creek which used to refer to as River Zara, split in the 1950s to form a small canal. The creek was a safe harbor for many merchants back in the day, especially the traders of valuable goods like gold, spices, and seafood of Arabian waters. Then, there was no circulation and the water would just flow to the end. It is also interesting to know that Dubai creek used to be a spot for thousands of pearls divers’ boats. Others made a living by fishing here, another thriving industry at the time, thanks to the warm and shallow waters of the creek, that created a nice cozy environment for a wide range of sea creatures. But more importantly, The Al Maktoum dynasty that has ruled Dubai since 1833, formed on the banks of the creek when the Bani Yas tribe settled down here in the 19th century. Back then, in the early 20th century, Dubai creek was a minor port for dhows not coming from very far like India or East Africa, and the entry of ships was impossible due to the current flow, still the place created a very major hub for business deals and commercial communications because there was no other port in the city at the time. Entering the age of progress in UAE, the importance of the creek as a place of business, led to the development of opportunities to make the presence of larger ships in the area possible. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum ordered the expansion of the creek that was 4000 ft. long and 6 ft. deep. As Sheikh Maktoum bin Hasher, turned the creek into a free trade zone in 1902, the trade boom of the creek began to flourish. And in 1937 first plane coming from Karachi landed in Dubai creek. But the bigger progress started when in 1955, Dubai creek was dredged even deeper and wider, so eventually, 500 tones ship successfully anchored at the creek. to connecting Deira and Bur Dubai, the Maktoum bridge was constructed in 1963 over the creek. Afterward, travelers didn’t have to embark on a long journey to reach land anymore. As another important milestone, in1989, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai launched the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. in the year 2007, the modern construction project of Dubai Creek development worth $132 million was completed. Deira Twin Towers, old Dubai Creek Tower, National Bank of Dubai, Sheraton Dubai Creek, and Chamber of Commerce are the most distinctive buildings next to the Deira side of the creek. Dubai Creek Park, one of the most spacious parks in Dubai, has been built on the other side of the bridge, manufacturing a delightful and pleasant environment. And finally, Dubai Creek Tower is under construction, with a preliminary cost of 3.67 billion AED, and is expected to be finished in 2021 at the earliest.

Things to Do at Dubai Creek

A great family day out in Creek Park Dubai, sports activities, having fun at a nightclub or even a dining experience with friends and loved ones are among options for enjoying your time in the creek area, the choice is all yours. Also, as we mentioned before, there is the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club which hosts tournaments for sports lovers. As a boat enthusiastic tourist, you can have a fantastic floating feast at the Bateaux Dubai, the luxury glass-roofed dinner cruise boat. Exploring landmarks like museums, old-fashioned souks, or in a more thrilling experience, hopping on a Dubai Creek boat for a ride, sightseeing old native structures across the waters can also be on your to-do list here. Furthermore, expectations for the completion of the Dubai Creek Tower will end soon, another new attraction for guests of phenomenal Arab land. Like many other advanced city areas, Dubai Creek has a lively nightlife, considering plenty of tremendous restaurants and bars, a fancy and shiny atmosphere full of joy, entertainment with a cheerful vibe for party-goers, and sensational youth.

Accommodations Near Dubai Creek

From chic and luxury hotels to top mid-range ones, there are many options for you to choose from in Bur Dubai. If you are looking for options near Dubai Creek, Zabeel House Al Seef and XVA art hotel are the renowned ones. Al Bandar Rotana, in Deira, a striking 5-star hotel is also among the trendiest establishments recommended for staying here. Other suggested hotels are Palazzo Versace in Bur Dubai with the architecture of a 16th-century Italian palace, Edge Creekside hotel in Deira, Park Hyatt Dubai, with the advantage of being located on the banks of Dubai Creek, and Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Deira which has an outstanding view and overlooks the Creek.

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